United States Patent - Low-Noise Large-Area Photoreceivers with Low Capacitance Photodiodes (2013)


Patent Number: US 8,598,673 B2
Date of Patent: December 3, 2013

Inventors: Abhay M. Joshi, Shubhashish Datta
Assignee: Discovery Semiconductors, Inc.


A quad photoreceiver includes a low capacitance quad InGaAs p-i-n photodiode structure formed on an InP (100) substrate. The photodiode includes a substrate providing a buffer layer having a metal contact on its bottom portion serving as a common cathode for receiving a bias voltage, and successive layers deposited on its top portion, the first layer being drift layer, the second being an absorption layer, the third being a cap layer divided into four quarter pie shaped sections spaced apart, with metal contacts being deposited on outermost top portions of each section to provide output terminals, the top portions being active regions for detecting light. Four transimpedance amplifiers have input terminals electrically connected to individual output terminals of each p-i-n photodiode.

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