Discovery Semiconductors Linear InGaAs Optical Receiver Lab Buddy with Automatic Gain Control up to 56 Gbaud


Ewing, NJ - March, 2021

The DSC-R421 is a linear PIN + transimpedance amplifier that is primarily designed for 4-level Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM 4) and NRZ-ASK (PAM 2) modulation formats up to 56 Gbaud symbol rate in 1310 nm and 1550 nm single-mode systems. The R421 offers a variety of user-adjustable characteristics such as mode of operation (AGC or manual gain control), RF gain, output amplitude, and bandwidth.

DSCR-421 Linear PIN + Transimpedance Amplifier Lab Buddy

Fig1: DSC-R421 Lab Buddy instrument.

  • ✔ Two modes of operation: AGC or manual gain control
  • ✔ Differential Conversion gain up to 3000 V/W
  • ✔ High Responsivity at 1310 nm & 1550 nm
  • ✔ Maximum differential RF output > 500 mVpp

The DSC-R421 is available in Discovery’s computer-controlled Lab Buddy instrument, where several critical parameters can be controlled and monitored locally or remotely using Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI) compatible commands via standard RS232C-over-USB interface. The DC photocurrent can be monitored continuously over a nano-ampere (nA) to milli-ampere (mA) range on the Lab Buddy’s digital display or via a custom GUI provided by Discovery. Additionally, the GUI can be used to control different functions of the DSC-R421 Lab Buddy.
DSC-R421 is available in a standalone Lab Buddy, or as a line card in our Configurable Lab Buddy platform.

  • Ideal Test & Measurement Optical Front-End
  • Ethernet: 400GbE, 800GbE
  • InfiniBand: EDR, HDR, NDR
  • Fiber Channel: 32GFC, 64GFC, 128GFC
  • RF-over-fiber link

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