DSC Newsletter - Configurable Lab Buddy: A Versatile and Multi-Functional Instrument


Ewing, NJ - April, 2020

In early 2000s, we introduced our easy-to-use, plug-and-play, O/E converter, “Lab Buddy” with a built-in LED display to monitor DC Photocurrent of our Photodiodes and Photoreceivers. Since then, the Lab Buddy has been a very popular, bench-top instrument around the world. Based on our customers’ feedback and recommendations, we now have added several new features to the Lab Buddy platform that will provide more flexibility and network connectivity for a wide range of applications.

Configurable Lab Buddy

Fig1: Configurable Lab Buddy

  • ✔ Programmable Bias (V) & Current (A) Limit
  • ✔ Measure Device Current from few nano-amperes to over 100 milli-amperes
  • ✔ Pick and Choose up to any three DSC products
  • ✔ Integrate with your programming environment
  • ✔ User Friendly
  • ✔ IoT Compatible

The Configurable Lab Buddy allows the end user to pick and choose up to three of Discovery Semiconductors’ 20+ products.
The Configurable Lab Buddy hosts user defined, independent instrument slots, where several critical variables, including photocurrent and bias, can be monitored and controlled from a computer using Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI) compatible commands. The Configurable Lab Buddy requires 100 VAC to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz for operation.

  • Telecom/Datacom
  • Biomedical
  • Aerospace
  • SWIR Sensing
  • Free Space Communication
  • Optical Clocks
  • Radio-over-fiber
  • Laser Characterization
  • Modulator Characterization
  • Photonics ADC
  • Quantum Key Distribution

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Discovery Semiconductors is an industry leader in manufacturing ultrafast, high optical power handling InGaAs photodiodes, radio frequency over fiber optical receivers, balanced optical receivers and several other custom products for applications ranging from analog RF links to ultrafast digital communications.

For additional information, including complete product specifications, operational capabilities and pricing, or to discuss your application in detail, please call Discovery at: (609) 434-1311 or fax: (609) 434-1317.

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