Discovery Semiconductors Introduces Three New Test Instruments at OFC/NFOEC 2010

Ewing, NJ - March 23, 2010

Discovery Semiconductors Inc., a leading supplier of optical receivers, test instruments and sub-systems, will introduce three new bench-top test instruments at the OFC/NFOEC conference in San Diego, CA, booth # 3014.

The HLPD® (Highly Linear Photodiode) Lab Buddy is a temperature and bias controlled instrument offering linear performance to > 1.5V output and 22 GHz of RF bandwidth. The APD Lab Buddy is a high-sensitivity, 10G avalanche photodiode receiver offering temperature and bias voltage control. The Kitty Hawk 40G Optical Signal Generator instrument provides multiple modulation formats at data rates ranging from 10 to 43 Gb/s.

All three bench-top instruments incorporate micro-controller firmware electronics and can be operated either in a manual mode or in a software-controlled mode utilizing Discovery’s new GUI (graphical user interface). PC interface is provided via USB ports on the instruments. "These additions allow the user to program the new instruments and integrate them easily into their automated test setups," comments Mr. Jim Rue, Discovery’s Manager of High Speed Receivers.

Added Dr. Suhas Bhandare, Coherent Systems Engineer, "There have been revolutionary changes in the telecom industry in the last ten years and Discovery has been at the forefront of several innovations. Future applications such as opto-electronic oscillators, photonic analog to digital converters, spectrally-efficient communication systems, and mixed signal fiber optic backbones, to name a few, will benefit from these new innovations.”

Discovery Semiconductors is an industry leader in manufacturing ultrafast, high optical power handling InGaAs photodiodes, radio frequency over fiber optical receivers, balanced optical receivers and several other custom products for applications ranging from analog RF links to ultrafast digital communications. Discovery’s subsystems include Kitty Hawk, an ultra-fast Optical Coherent System.

For additional information, including complete product specifications, operational capabilities and pricing, or to discuss your application in detail, please call Discovery at: (609) 434-1311 or fax: (609) 434-1317.

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