10G Linear InGaAs APD Optical Receiver with Optional CDR

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Ideal for adding extra distance to 10 Gb communications links, this fiber-pigtailed optical receiver combines the very high responsivity of an InGaAs Avalanche Photodiode (APD) with a low-noise amplifier that offers 20 dB gain. With variable gain of M=2 to M=7, performance can be matched to line conditions and sensitivity varied from -17 to -26 dBm (BER 10-12, PRBS: 231-1). Suitable for NRZ applications with or without FEC. The APD Lab Buddy has a programmable bias voltage source and a built-in temperature controller for improved gain stabilization and increased reliability. The bias and temperature can be set either from the front panel or via a remote computer interface. The APD Lab Buddy monitors the bias, temperature, and average DC photocurrent of the APD in real-time.

As an additional option, the APD Lab Buddy can now include a CDR to minimize test time by simplifying measurements. The APD + CDR Lab Buddy includes a limiting amplifier with LOS power detector, and PLL data re-timer with a LOL indicator. The Lab Buddy supports multi-rate operation from 9.5 Gb/s thru 11.1 Gb/s. The CDR function has a 7mVp-p Input Sensitivity and 0.6UIp-p total high-frequency jitter tolerance. The clock and data outputs are compatible with BER test stations. The CDR is an ideal option for applications such as SONET, Ethernet, PON, and Fiber Channel.

10 Gb/s APD + TIA Optical Receivers

Fig1: InGaAs Avalanche Photodiode (APD) with Lab Buddy

APD CDR Recovered Data Triggered with Recovered Clock

Fig2: Recovered Data Triggered with Recovered Clock
Received Optical Power = -25 dBm

Salient Features:
  • Ultra-High Sensitivity of –26 dBm
  • Low Capacitance High Speed InGaAs APD
  • Low-Noise, High-Gain
  • Hermetically Sealed and Built to GR-468 Standards
  • Clock and Data Recovery (CDR)
  • High Responsivity
  • Metro and Long Haul 10 Gb/s
  • DWDM systems
  • SONET/SDH systems
Available Models:
  • DSC-R402APD - 10 Gb/s APD + TIA Optical Receiver
  • DSC-R402APD - 10 Gb/s APD + TIA + CDR Optical Receiver
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