20 GHz Linear InGaAs Optical Receiver

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The DSC-R401HG is a linear and versatile PIN + transimpedance amplifier suited for a variety of digital and analog applications. The R401HG offers a linear response to > +3 dBm optical input, 600mVp-p of linear output voltage, 20 GHz of RF bandwidth and a conversion gain of 160 V/W. The R401HG is available in both a K-connector package, and a miniature surface mount package with CPW (coplanar waveguide) RF output, and utilizes Discovery's high-reliability InGaAs photodiode technology.

DSC-R401HG: 20 GHz Linear InGaAs Optical Receiver       DSC-R401HG Lab Buddy. For busy test stations or student labs, where users of different experience levels might be handling high value opto-electronics that are easily damaged by mishandling, order your photodiode to be mounted in the Lab Buddy.

Fig1: DSC-R401HG with Lab Buddy

DSC-R401HG - Output V p-p vs optical Input Power

Fig2: DSC-R401HG - Output Vp-p vs. Optical Input Power

Salient Features:


DSC-R401HG Frequency Response Curve

Fig3: Frequency Response Curve

Available Models:

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