Balanced InGaAs Photodiodes for 40 Gb

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The DSC730 and DSC740 are "push-pull" InGaAs photodiodes with each photodiode capable of handling high optical power in excess of 10 dBm. High Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) and low Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) make these devices ideal for both digital and analog applications. The broad wavelength response of these photodiodes allows for multiple wavelength usage.
Balanced InGaAs Photodiodes for 40 Gb

Fig1: DSC730 & DSC740

40 Gb/s RZ DPSK Eye Diagram for DSC740 Balanced InGaAs Photodiodes for 40 Gb

Fig2: 40 Gb/s RZ DPSK Eye Diagram for DSC740
{231-1 PRBS, 4mA Photo-current each photodiode}

Salient Features:
  • Lowest PDL (typical 0.05 dB)
  • Normalized CMRR exceeds 30 dB
  • Useable spectral wavelength range of 1064-1650 nm
  • Improves sensitivity by canceling DC portion of RIN and ASE noise
  • High optical power handling InGaAs PIN photodiodes
  • Small form-factor fiber-pigtailed package
  • Improved reliability for high optical power handling
  • One device for multiple wavelengths reduces operational and inventory cost
  • DPSK/DQPSK: Differential Phase/Polarization Shift Keying or Differential Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
  • High Dynamic Range, Analog RF Links over Fiber
  • Rapid Doppler-shift LIDAR measurements
  • Coherent Lightwave Systems
  • Brillouin Scattering - OTDR
Typical Frequency Response Curve and CMRR for DSC740

Fig3: Typical Frequency Response Curve & CMRR for DSC740

Available Models: